Monday, April 4, 2011

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A "reality provocative"

"This is amazing:
you do not know where it is, though
has opened the eyes. "
John 9, 30

Verse suddenly without her blindness was not what the blind man led him to believe but what raised in their thinking the provocation of the Pharisee in contrast to the look and gestures that the Lord had for his person to the point that led him to respond: "I believe, Lord"

Yesterday I was invited to attend a liturgical celebration that "I pulled the rug" and not for its fidelity to the rubrics precisely, but of beauty.

If I knew yesterday, a mass can be beautiful even when it is all I think it should be, I checked yesterday as I struggled to stay or run away from that site, I was happily embrace reality with all my being. This mass was

to my provocation in the sense that it forced me to put my eyes on Mystery and not in the forms of which became the background and remained there throughout the celebration by Grace of God and for my happiness.

The highlight was during the elevation of the Sacred Species in which I thought "Lord, how true is that you are among us! How to convey the assurance that you are alive and present among us?

The answer came to me in the experience of reality and to the extent that the Eucharist was shocked challenge my thinking.

I've been talking on a facebook page with atheists. Many years ago chatting with them more often but I left because I was tired and I must be honest, I could not ever that way my hope offered reasons for moving but "not a hair" to none, ie, the failure of that effort was that first, I thought it was "my efforts" and then they usually did not cause me more imposing, was going well because it was more proud than now and was proud that my faith was based more on my ideas about God and the Church in certainty of the Presence of Christ in my life.

Since I stopped to talk to atheists far too much water has flowed under the bridge, I have matured in the human aspect and now also cielina am, I have two years of working out the method of the Faith of the charism of our movement and I can say that, today, at least I've come to understand of how reality is provocative and therefore, how is that a Christian is called from the certainty of the presence of mystery in his life, to be provocative shocks. I was shown clearly, clear in the Eucharist yesterday afternoon.

But today, as every day, I've gotten to the Internet with these ideas in my head and I'm getting no more than two texts that speak of the same:

The first, an interview with Monsignor Fisichella on the Challenges of the New Evangelization.

The second, an article by Bishop Manuel Sánchez Monge on "Believing in times of secularism" , InfoCatólica published today.

All this, which is nothing more than life happens and that, as the man born blind, now I've gotten by Grace her with another look, is what I call definitely a "reality provocative" within which is my faith receive the Lord's grace also to show who ask me the reasons for my Hope.


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